A House

A house is a place to live.

A house is a habitat. A place to take shelter from bad weather, insects, noise, other people. A place to share with other creatures, or shut them out.

A house is a repository for stuff. Also a repository for history.

A house is a hole to throw money into. A house is a work in progress.


This afternoon--September 18, 2009
This afternoon--September 18, 2009

2 thoughts on “A House

  1. Hey! You’ve got a big hole in your back yard! From the forecast, it appears that the weather will cooperate in keeping things dry and warm for another week. I dried a bunch of your pears today. They’re like candy !!

  2. Great observations.

    I’ve never had a “so called” house, lol… always a piece of rebuilding, or a camp or a cottage… now that we’re older (looking at 70) we’re winding down this living remotely lifestyle. this in the woods stuff, and are setting up a new trailer on a new lot, 10 miles away from this last homestead of ours; not an altogether happy thing, but it’s a pretty rural spot and has a river as it’s back yard preimeter; saw a big bull moose there last year and there are water fowl and beaver, a little mountain to look at. It’s for “when the time comes”.

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