Staying In

Snowing like crazy today. This may be the beginning of the snowpack here in town–all the previous snow has completely melted. I don’t have to go out, so I won’t. Just heading to the compost pile will be an adventure involving boots, hat and coat.

It’s a day for making soup, listening to the radio, finishing the laundry, running the vacuum, then playing with creative projects. Both cats are curled up in their favorite warm places. As I look out the window, a nuthatch and a chickadee are the only birds. They flit to the birdfeeder for a single seed at a time, and dash back to the trees with much flicking of tails and wings.

The garden has been put to bed for weeks (except for the lettuce tunnel), and is now disappearing under a white blanket. I must be satisfied with indoor plants until spring. Pelargoniums (geraniums) and a flowering maple are overwintering on the porch, along with a spanish lavender plant. There are still bright pink flowers on the pelargoniums, which is a treat as the outdoor world grows darker and more drab. And the zygocactus is blooming in the house. Also known as Christmas cactus, this one flowers around Thanksgiving. Mine started in a four inch pot from the grocery store, and was given to me by my gramma years ago. These plants thrive on neglect. They don’t need good soil, you can forget to water them, and they prefer to be slightly potbound. Mine has been knocked off its high shelf by Henry during one of his wall-climbing fits. The pot shattered, and I had to trim some broken branches. But here it is, recovered and blooming.

Uh-oh. The snow has turned to rain. As the temperature warms, clumps of snow fall from tree branches.

I think I’ll have some soup.

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