March is going out like a lion. When the clouds lifted today, I could see fresh snow on the trees just above town. It is a matter of faith then that I took sweet pepper seedlings out of the heated propagator and transferred them into larger pots. Right now I cannot imagine the consistent warm weather and long days that will make these plants bloom and set fruit. If I took these plants outside right now, the cold wind would flatten them. By morning they would be black and limp.

But July will come. It always does. It takes faith not just to plant the seeds, but to nurture the seedlings in a sheltered spot and believe that the warmth will come. It takes faith to decide when to plant the seedlings outside and leave them to take nutrients from the sun and soil. It takes faith to believe that fruit will be harvested.

It’s not only peppers. There are tiny tomato plants on my porch, and tender annuals, and basil just planted today. April may bring both lashing storms and benevolent sun, but these seedlings will stay in till I have faith that summer has arrived.

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