The moon was full on the 22nd, a couple days ago. Grampa always said the weather changes with the moon, and in this case it did. Clouds after many clear days, then rain.

The daylight hours have shortened considerably since midsummer, from almost sixteen hours to just over eleven hours. At this latitude, October means spending more time in the dark, as well as indoors.

I don’t mind. I light a candle when I get up in the morning–I like the flame. I sprinkle a little cinnamon in with my coffee grounds. There is plenty to do in the house. I peel apples and make pies to freeze. I make soup for my lunches this week. Now I have time to read the stack of New Yorkers I was given, watch a movie, do some handwork. Now that winter approaches, I may finish a knitting project. There’s an extra quilt on the bed, and the cats are friendlier.

As the season progresses, I make sure the raingear is in my pack, along with a warm hat and gloves. Headlamp and matches, and extra food. It could snow any day.

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