Cottage Industry–A New Thing

Announcing a new thing…the Fieldwork online store. Yep, here’s where you can browse and buy my artwork. Right now there are blank notecards in stock, but check back often because I plan to add some prints and watercolors. I’m making new cards all the time too.

I’ve always made cards, starting with special occasion ones for people in my family. My mom has some from the 1960s. When I was in art school in the 1980s, I started making my own Christmas cards every year. I still do. Beautiful stationery delights me, and I collect well-designed cards that catch my eye. These are kept to send to the special ones in my life. I like to write my own message inside, generally keeping it simpler than the rhyming verse you can find in mass-produced cards.

The envelopes and papers are at least partially made of post-consumer recycled paper, or art papers. Printed cards are made in small batches by me or a regional commercial printer. Others are one-of-a-kind, unique works of art. All of them are designed right here in this little cottage and mailed to you from my small town.

I’ve added a “Small is Beautiful” button to the blog sidebar, and have joined a tiny quiet revolution. The “Small is Beautiful” manifesto states that we all have valuable stories to tell. And that making things one at a time by hand is worthwhile. I couldn’t agree more.

The link to the online store is currently located in the blogroll to the right, above in the text, and in a tab on the blog header.

And a final note–the cottage is buttoned up for the winter, but when the weather settles in the spring the color will change. For fun, I’m soliciting ideas to name the house. Margy and Pico have the Spud Ranch, and they suggested that my cottage needs a name. I’m open to possibility so let me know if you have a good one!

2 thoughts on “Cottage Industry–A New Thing

  1. I have all possible to cross body parts crossed… in wishing you good luck with this venture. (Hey! I can’t help it if I can’t cross my TOES, I was born with “shrimp toes”.. what can I say?!) I adore this accompanying illustration, too, by the way. It’s charming.

    Tell me, Deb… please, what color will the cottage change to?

    Our first farm had a single, half grown Hemlock tree in the middle of it’s wide expanse of pasture, so I named the place Lone Hack Farm. Our mail would come addressed, often as not, to LOVE Hack Farm and my mother burst into giggles and always called it The Can’t Hack It Farm ***sighhh*** & an lol

    1. I goofed… had a brain U no what… NOT Hemlock but LARCH… and in middle Maine, another name for Larch is Hackmatack.

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