The Little Things

Ever had one of those days when you’re glad for the little things? Nothing big or dramatic happened today. The weather has been fairly bleak–to a skier there is not much sadder than nice dry cold snow getting rained on. But that’s a fact of life in a place that receives a maritime snowpack. Today’s lunch spot was along a ski trail that follows an old logging road. Eating lunch in the woods beats lunch in the office or in the truck. Even lunch in the woods when there is no outstanding view or blue sky.

I was glad that it wasn’t raining. Glad my snowshoes weren’t broken. Glad that I was sitting with two colleagues who are also friends. Glad that I had a foam pad to sit on, and a pack to lean back on. Glad I have a job where I get to be outside, glad that I discovered wolf tracks on the hike up (big!). Glad I have a job at all, even after our boss delivered the news this morning that we’ll probably be unemployed next winter. Glad to eat chicken soup from my thermos, glad I seem to finally be healed up after a month of recovering from a gastrointestinal virus. Glad for that little square of dark chocolate I permit myself each day. Glad to get up and go to work for the rest of the afternoon. Glad to have a warm house to come home to.

On days like today, being glad for the little things is enough.

2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. It’s nice to remember that we don’t always get the big goodies – sometimes the little ones are even better!

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