For Marilyn, in Maryland, thinking of red. Vine maple (Acer circinatum) along the Waptus River trail, about as red as it gets.

Sockeye salmon in the Cooper pool. Sat above the river eating my lunch today and watching them hover over the gravel (their nests are called redds). A great blue heron perched on the rocky bluffs, both of us fascinated by the stillness of the fish punctuated by flickers and flares of swirling movement.

The forest floor is a random yet patterned tapestry of textures, sizes and shapes. Red is made redder by contrast–with green, with colors less saturated.

Walking today on a dusty trail. The shade under the trees is a bit too cool–the sun feels good. There was a killing frost two nights ago. I was glad to hike, having had my routine disrupted by one thing and another. Well-being flows back into my limbs when I’m walking. My attention straightens itself out, and all is well with the world.

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