53 Things


I started this list a couple weeks ago as a fun way to think about my birthday…Enjoy.

Fifty-three Random Tidbits That Guide My Life
1.There’s a lot I don’t understand, and that’s OK.
2. Be true yourself.
3. Pay attention to what’s in front of you, not what’s in your head.
4. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Others include not just humans, but non-humans and your habitat.
5. If it ain’t broke, it prob’ly don’t need fixin’.
6. Slow down. Life’s not a race.
7. Breathe.
8. Never buy shoes that don’t fit when you try them on because there’s no magic to make them fit when you get them home.
9. Drink plenty of water.
10. It doesn’t hurt to start using moisturizer in your 20s.
11. Laughter really is the best medicine.
12. Dark chocolate is the second-best medicine.
13. It’s possible to live happily without a cell phone.
14. Measure twice, cut once.
15. Drive defensively and use your turn signal.
16. The world is not black and white—it’s full living color.
17. Being out in the rain has never caused anyone to melt.
18. The past is over. Let go and bear your scars without martyrdom.
19. The future hasn’t happened yet.
20. Do more of what makes you happy right now.
21. You’re whole. You’re fine. (I am too.)
22. The more you look, the more you see.
23. The more you listen, the more you hear.
24. Sleep outside as often as possible to hear creeks and owls, and see stars.
25. The best thing to do with a broken heart is to leave it open.
26. Practice gratitude. Take nothing for granted.
27. A sharp ax is a joy to use.
28. Reduce, re-use, recycle—all opportunities for creativity!
29. Money doesn’t buy love or happiness, but it does help keep you from living out of your truck.
30. Food you grow and prepare yourself is the most nourishing.
31. If you’re not learning, you’re not living.
32. You don’t control watercolors, you follow their lead.
33. There’s usually more than one good solution to any problem.
34. One cup of coffee is usually enough.
35. Look up, look down, look all around!
36. You’re never too old to play. Or dance.
37. Keep it simple, silly.
38. If you’re cold, put on a sweater.
39. It’s possible to discover joy and wonder every day.
40. Too many books? No such thing.
41. My thoughts only trouble me when I believe them.
42. Everybody is on their own path, including me. I am well-served by knowing when to stay in my own business.
43. Live within your means.
44. Wear earplugs when operating loud equipment and using explosives.
45. When outdoors in winter, take every opportunity to pee in places where the snow doesn’t come up to your butt.
46. Never be afraid to love. Hug your beloveds.
47. There are more than 18 situations that shout Watch Out! but my favorite is still #18 “You feel like taking a nap in the fireline.”
48. Smiling feels better than frowning.
49. Courage and stupidity start out feeling exactly the same.
50. Go to the mountains and get their glad tidings!
51. Never flinch from the hard stuff, and don’t be afraid of the dark. Take a flashlight.
52. When goodness and abundance come to you, pass them along.
53. The worst thing you can do with your imagination is neglect it.

1. Show up for your life, your tasks, and your relationships.
2. “Leave No Trace” practices are common sense ideas that apply to the outdoors and life in general:
*Plan ahead and prepare.
*Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
*Dispose of waste properly. (Just bury it, deep!)
*Leave what you find.
*Minimize campfire impacts.
*Respect wildlife.
*Be considerate of other visitors.
3. The Four Agreements of Don Ruiz are also good:
*Be impeccable with your word.
*Don’t make assumptions.
*Don’t take things personally.
*Always do your best.
4. Life is too short to wear boring socks.
5. Life is too short to not eat lunch in a nice spot.
6. I agree that an unexamined life is not worth living.
7. Things don’t always happen the way you want them to, which can be a blessing.
8. There’s a difference between being nice and being a doormat.
9. Pick your battles: know when to keep trying and when to move on to the next thing.
10. It’s a nice day. Go outside. Spring always comes!

4 thoughts on “53 Things

  1. Very well said–they now will be my Fifty-three Random Tidbits That Guide My Life well most of them–I seldom deal in explosives ; )

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