blueflowerHow very fine it is to have a home! For days, I left the house right at dawn to get to fire camp for the 0600 briefing. Then spent the day driving, scouting, conversing, making notes, trying to stay organized. After dinner at fire camp and some time at the ranger station, I’d come home just as the last light leaked from the sky. Unlace my boots and fall dead tired into bed. And wake to repeat the same cycle.

And finally it is time for three days off. The first day is for sleeping and doing laundry. Mornings are for long writing sessions with the journal and cups of green tea. Catching up with myself. Renewing acquaintance with the garden. These fabulous blue morning glories swirl their silken skirts as the sun strengthens and climbs, then fold as the day fades. Hummingbirds zip through the vines, and tiny skipper butterflies visit the asters. I poke among the prickly cucumber vines to look for cool green fruits–cannot get enough of salads. The combination of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers is a seasonal treat to be savored. Afternoons are for reading and naps. I feel the time of autumn nesting approaching. The Inner Squirrel is restless, wanting to hunt and gather and cache. Just a couple months left to soak up a few more subalpine adventures–there is a sense of push-pull. Home and mountains call to me at the same time. Inner and outer are both insisting on attention. Tension. Feeling this friction along the edge of the seasons keeps my curiosity engaged. So many small things to notice…

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