My friend Hilary has cancer. Nearly every week for the last two years, I’ve been sending her a card of encouragement. Most of the time, the cards are from a stash I’ve collected from my travels. It’s a lot of fun to hunt for them. Sometimes I make a special card to put in the mail. This one was watercolored yesterday, to celebrate being home after a month away. I know Hilary will enjoy the sentiment, as she too is a person who finds heart-at-home with garden and animals.

4 thoughts on “Back

  1. I will reiterate what all of us know: Deb Davis is a warm, caring, loving, SWEETHEART! Those cards do a lot to help Hilary keep a positive outlook.

    1. This is what friends do. I learned from my Gramma. Hilary continues to inspire me, as your whole family travels this path that you didn’t choose. Grace, humor, and love abound.

  2. Deb you have warmmed my heart. I appreciate how supportive you have been to both Hilary and Tim on a continual basis. I love the cards you send and the artwork you create. With much affection. Katie

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