Heading North

packing to go north

Weeks pass in a flurry of activity…for the second time this year I am heading off on a work adventure. In a few days the truck points north to the Methow Valley and the North Cascades where I will lead a trail crew for about 4 months. The spring cleaning around here has been intense and thorough. Meanwhile, the cottonwoods along the Yakima River have unfurled into a honeycomb-scented green-bronze banner. The serviceberry bushes bloom, whipped to a white froth by chilly April winds.

There is a sense of unmooring the lines that keep me here, of letting the wind fill the sails, of setting a different course. At least for awhile…once I get settled again, I’m looking forward to more frequent postings here.

6 thoughts on “Heading North

    1. Bill (and others who may be wondering),
      The usual intrepid cast of characters will be around. Jon H. will have a crew of three, and John M. will have another ranger or two this summer. And the WTA has some trips planned on the district. We all expect a very busy season!

  1. I enjoy seeing your graphic confirmation that preparations for the move to Twisp are so moving along and are so well planned and organized. I must, however, strongly advise you NOT to pack the cat AND the tomato plants in that box. One or the other, perhaps, but NOT both.

    1. Pico,
      If only it were as easy as throwing my favorite and necessary things into one big box! Any indicator of organization is pure fantasy. The house looks like the trail hippie/artist/gardener bomb went off. And to allay your fears, the tomatoes are moving this weekend and Henry is moving in a couple weeks.

  2. Wow. An unexpected adventure. Enjoy the chance to see new country and work with new people… All the best.

  3. A favorite tea mug would be in my box (or suitcase) too!
    I love that you are taking baby tomato plants with you, Deb.
    Thinking of you as you settle into your new place and wishing you good adventures as the wind fills your sails.

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