Mountains and Rivers and More


Week 2 in the Methow (say it right: MET-how) Valley. First impressions, even though I’ve been here before: greening foothills, the south-facing slopes golden with blooming balsamroots. The color is exuberant and welcome, especially considering that last summer the largest wildfire in Washington state history happened just down the road. The blackened places, torched trees, and burned fencelines are still visible but softened by new growth. Roadsides are trimmed with a white froth of serviceberry bushes in full flower. There are rumors of morel mushrooms popping up in the burn. Hunters of the wild fungus are out and about. Closer to the Cascade crest, rivers run clear and loud and snowy peaks show their jagged tops against the skyline. I can’t figure out how to fit it all in one frame in the camera.

The season’s work is lined out. Crazy busy already…every day I make a to-do list and by the time I cross one thing off I’ve added three more things. The more I get organized now, the smoother field season will run. Inevitably, unexpected events will pop up like morels after a fire. I like a little variety in my work and I’m sure to get it this summer.

Tomorrow we go pick up some of the horses and mules from winter pasture. Time to get them ready for work as well.

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