On Hiatus

Hiatus: any break, gap, or interruption of continuity.

Regular readers will have noticed that there have been no posts here for a few months. I’m taking a break from writing Fieldwork. Life has been different as I recover from ankle surgery. I am still not cleared to do trail work, but the time grows near when I will return to the woods. The blog will be updated when I have something to say. Right now I’m thinking.

Please stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Missed you! Thought maybe I had been cutoff. Ann Nelson says there’s lots of trail work to do. Joan and I go in on thursday. Hope we can find a camping spot.

  2. Even your “bees-ness” at home is interesting. Better insects than the wasps that are out along trails as Ann & dog chemi will attest to.

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