Garden Page

This is where I’ll post links to some of my favorite garden sites, as well as tips.


Sources for vegetable seeds and plants:
In Cottage Grove, OR. They offer all kinds of seeds, including heirlooms and Northwest specialties. This is where I get the tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings that I don’t start myself.
In Albany, OR. Also a good source of heirlooms and Northwest specialties.
In Ellensburg, WA, just down the road. A great source for organic seed potatoes.
Morton, WA. My grampa’s favorite place to get fruit trees. I sent for their wild Cascade blackberries, and they are the real thing. Lots of information in their catalog.

Sources for flowers:
In Madison, OH. I’ve been ordering from them for years. Plants come in paks of three. The catalog has lots of information about the best plants for particular sites.
In St. Paul, OR. I can’t say enough about this company. They grow “own-root” roses, which are much stronger than the grafted kind. This is the only way to go if you garden in a cold-winter area. It takes a couple years for the roses to bloom, but it’s worth the wait.
Santa Fe, NM. Specializing in drought-tolerant plants and garden methods. Some native plants.
Peshastin, WA. He doesn’t do mail-order, so you have to go to the nursery. Lots of great dry-site plants and advice on growing them.
Bantam, CT. My favorite place to buy bulbs. Excellent quality.

April 2010—I’ve been using a product called PHC (Plant Health Care) this year. It’s from Gardener’s Supply Company in Vermont. I mix it with water to feed seedlings I’ve started in the house. The ingredients are minerals and seaweed. I’m impressed with the root systems on the seedlings, and the plants are doing well. I’ve also started using this stuff on my houseplants, and I think I can see a difference.

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