Oh, The Glamour!

Thing to remember about working outside in the winter:

1. Everything takes longer. Snow and cold cause all processes to slow down. Allow extra time.

2. Dress in layers so you can regulate your temperature. Wool and synthetic wicking fibers are best.

3. Good windshield wipers and a full tank of washer fluid are worth their weight in gold. Snow tires as well.

4. Always pee when you have a good opportunity, or you may find yourself in hip-deep snow with an uncomfortably full bladder and no place to hide.

5. Do whatever it takes to keep snow from going in your boot tops or down your neck.

6. Be prepared for anything. Don’t forget your bandana (for the constantly dripping nose).

7. Have an assortment of hats to match your ranger uniform, and carefully consider which one to wear before you head out the door. Or take more than one–they don’t take up much space in the pack.

8. Abandoning the mission is always an option, especially when driving conditions are horrible and the avalanche danger is “considerable” or above.

9. No ranger left behind! Every crew member must be accounted for at the end of the day, or you go looking for them. They would come after you if you needed them to.

10. Restrain your astonished smirk when people tell you that you must have the best job in the world. Think up a snappy but gracious reply.