About the Rainshadow–
Look at the map above. The darker green stripe flowing from top to bottom is the Cascade Range. Rain comes from the west–you can see how close the mountains are to the sea. As the clouds blow from the ocean, they drop rain on the lowlands of the Puget Sound and are pushed upward against the mountain range. This squeezes even more moisture from the air and as weather systems pass to the east, there is not much rain left. The east slopes of the Cascades are forested at higher elevations but trees start to disappear as the land smooths out. This is the rainshadow. This diverse area is where I live, work, and write.

About me–
Northwest native, introvert, polymath. Still interested in a lot of things, especially if they have something to do with art, the natural world, history, books, words, working with my hands. Have no use for fashion, advertising, social media, organized religion, noisy machines, nasty politics, venality or many other temptations of the 21st century.

All opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect any official position of my employer, the US Forest Service. Words and images are the intellectual property of Debra Davis, unless otherwise credited. Please request written permission before duplicating any of this material in any way.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, This is tooo much! Honestly, Deb, you’ve captured the true feeling of being out in the woods. Im sure Ann & I are attracted to nature in many ways like yourself. The hard work is just a way to stay in shape, right?
    Maybe you could publish a book like Martha Hardy’s “High Rock Lookout”.
    Jon, and you can illustrate the book. The best to you both. Darrell & Ann

  2. Hi Debra, I am wondering if we can talk by email. I am a biology professor at the Univ. of Illinois and am interested in some of the critters you see in your wilderness trips.

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