A Day in the Garden

Midsummer is here, in spite of all the rain and wind. From morning twilight to evening twilight today, there will be 17 hours and 15 minutes of light. Every day in June has over 16 hours of light (compared to 9 or 10 in January).

This is the latest I have ever gotten my garden in–partly due to the weather, partly due to my energy level. Yesterday I planted beans, tomatoes, zinnias, dahlias. I will be replanting some cucumbers, since they got first sun-scalded then clobbered by the wind. But the lettuce, peas, and beets are doing great. Also the strawberries are ripening. This may be the most abundant crop ever.

Had my hands in the dirt most of the day, and felt the humidity come up as the clouds came over. It was warm, and by 4 o’clock it was thundering. Big cold drops of rain splatted down, and I took cover under the big maple tree. Henry hunkered down nearby–he’s the most amphibious cat I’ve ever known. We finally came in to make supper, but went back out when the rain stopped. Mosquitos came out as I planted tomatoes, and I heard nighthawks overhead. I love to hear them because I know they are eating mosquitos.

May the garden grow!

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