The Office, The Woods

It’s not much compared to the big adventures of summer. We went out for a few hours to tack winter posters on bulletin boards, set a couple of signposts, check signs on ski trails. It’s not much at all, but it got us out of the office. The office–that soul-sucking, stultifying, festering pit of frustration and lethargy. Tasks that should be simple and straightforward are not. Things that should be fixable in a couple of keystrokes are not. Processes that should run smoothly, information that should be easy to find–none of it does or is. Too many shoulds, but do nots.

Thank goodness for the woods! They are darker and damper, beginning to get snowy. They are real. A big windstorm two nights ago scattered pine needles and scraps of limbs all over the place. New trees are down, such as this spruce we found across the road. What a sense of accomplishment in cutting it and moving it out of the way!

At least one thing got done today.

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