The view from the office today, at about 4500 feet in elevation. I was surprised to see this much snow before Halloween. But here it is, along with the reality of getting wet and cold. The sound of ice pellets, water drips, and slush bombs coming down out of the trees. How the wind feels when it slices right through four layers of clothes. How nice a hot drink at lunch time is, and how lunch time is shorter because we get cold before thirty minutes pass. The creative whimsical nature of the trail crew means that some small crude snowmen were built and placed at our worksites. They pointed the way and watched over our endeavors.

Came home in the early twilight. Muddy wet boots go on the boot dryer in order to be wearable tomorrow. Hot bath in the clawfoot tub. Leftovers heated up for supper. Grateful to be warm and dry and sheltered.

2 thoughts on “Snow

    1. MT, A strange thing about WordPress is that it uses the next day’s date when I publish a post. Don’t know why.


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